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Our choice: vertical integration of production
All the production processes, from raw material to finished parts of Linearmech electric linear actuators are completely made inside our production facilities in Bologna using state-of-the-art CNC machineries updated to the most modern production technologies.

Integrated production: what are the benefits for our electromechanical actuators?
Production flexibility and totally customized solutions to your specific application needs.
Statistical quality controls during all the production processes  to manufacture reliable electromechanical cylinders with constant quality over the time.

Certified raw material
Certified suppliers only are the partners of Servomech Group. Further acceptance checks, carried out by our personnel, grant the quality of raw material we use for our electric linear actuators. Raw material warehouse covers an area of more than 1.000 square meters for 6 meters height.

100% “Made in Italy” production
All the components are manufactured inside our workshops in a 5.200 square meters area using high-tech Italian and German CNC machineries updated to the highest production technologies.

  • CNC horizontal multi-pallet machining systems to manufacture gear housings
  • CNC vertical machining systems with a wide tool magazine
  • CNC machining lathes with loading and unloading magazine systems
  • rolling machines to manufacture acme screws and ball screws up to 40 mm diameter width; with material temperature control for constant quality production
  • CNC machinery to manufacture steel acme screws and bronze acme nuts. We machine acme screws up to 140 mm diameter width, up to 12 m length, 1 or more starts up to a maximum of 4
  • High-tech precision CNC machinery to manufacture ball screws and nuts, tolerance grade ISO IT3 and ISO IT5, diameter up to 100 mm. (On request customized execution of ball screws and nuts and acme screws and nuts)

Constant quality over the time

Quality checks during the production process are carried out by qualified personnel. The same people are the supervisors of the machining process or are the operators who load and unload the CNC machines. According to the total SQC (statistical quality control), the personnel checks dimensions tolerance range and provides adjustment inputs to the CNC machine’s computer whenever needed.
The operating process of total SQC is used daily by our personnel, who shares the foundations of this system, and enables us to reach a total quality control over the entire production process and to manufacture constant quality products with no scrap.

800 square meters covered area up to 6 meters height. More than 1.500 different parts stocked, available for  the assembling of standard products.
Urgent spare parts delivery within 48 hours.

High accuracy on manual assembling
The finished products assembling is carried out in 1.000 square meters area by our skilled and trained personnel. The assembling process is based on settled written procedures. Checks and inspections of all the subassembly parts are made during the production process and also during the assembling to avoid any faults on the finished actuators.

Final product inspection
After the assembling of finished linear actuators, the personnel in charge of the quality control, tests and inspects all the products: correspondence of the electric cylinder to the customer’s order specifications and additional test without load to check  the proper functioning.

Packaging and forwarding
Packaging is done with care to grant a safe arrival to the final destination. We select accurately type of box and filling materials according to dimensions and weight of our actuators, destination and type of carriage. We are aware that packaging is important to keep the quality of products but must not increase significantly the costs.

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