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Efficiency of products
Industrial high quality products for higher performances and energy savings.
Discover all the advantages compared to conventional pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic linear actuators.

Efficiency of Servomech Group
Lean and flexible organization to reduce waste and fix costs.
The production is totally vertically integrated in our own workshop: from the raw material up to the finished product.
  • Statistical Quality controls during the production process bring to a constant and repeatable quality of our linear actuators.
  • Competitive products thanks to the industrial production, without any intermediaries  along the production process.

Efficiency in communication
Linearmech believes in the importance of an efficient and proper communication with the customer. To understand the specific application requirements, to provide a high technical support and finally to realize reliable, competitive and long life linear applications.
Our engineering team is composed of highly qualified staff with 25+ years of application experience in the field of linear motion.
Contact us for more information.
To be closer to your needs and to give immediate answers to your questions we improved the way we communicate.
You can find us on youtube with interesting video tutorials that will guide you in the installation and commissioning of our electromechanical cylinders and give you an help in solving the most common problems.
We are also present on the main social media to speed up the retrieval of information, to be closer to you, to support  you in the best and most efficient way.

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