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Linearmech manufactures electromechanical linear actuators and rotary geared motors, electrical and electronic drives for the operation and control of load, speed and position.
Our electric cylinders are successfully used and applied in industrial applications, linear motion systems, automation, food industry (Food & Beverage), medical industry and surgery beds, rail maintenance, construction equipment and machinery, agricultural machinery, marine applications, vehicle automation for disabled and every time is required a reliable, technological and good quality product to perform a linear movement.
Check out other possible field of application of our linear actuators.

Linearmech electric cylinders are simple and economical to install.
Discover all the advantages compared to conventional pneumatic cylinders and hydraulic linear actuators.

Linearmech is part of the Servomech Group: manufacturer of linear actuators and mechanical screw jacks since 1989. Workshops and offices of the entire group are in Italy, at Anzola dell’Emilia, a few minutes from Bologna Marconi airport and the motorway A1 (exit Borgo Panigale).

Performances and convenience of 100% “Made in Italy” product
All the Linearmech linear actuators and rotary geared motors are produced completely inside our factory in Bologna: more controls and lower costs thanks to the absence of intermediaries.
Discover the advantages of vertically integrated production.
SERVOMECH - Linear actuators and screw jacks
Competence and efficiency
Our engineering team is composed of highly qualified staff with 25+ years of application experience in the field of linear motion.
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To be closer to your needs and to give immediate answers to your questions we improved the way we communicate.
You can find us on youtube with interesting video tutorials that will guide you in the installation and commissioning of our electromechanical cylinders and give you an help in solving the most common problems.
We are also present on the main social media to speed up the retrieval of information, to be closer to you, to support  you in the best and most efficient way.

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Complete product range of Linearmech LINEAR AND ROTARY ACTUATORS

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