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The Linearmech interactive configurator guides you step by step in building the model of your 2D/3D linear actuator .
And ' developed on the platform of Cadenas PARTsolutions , one of the leading systems in the management and research of internal parts , commercial and under .

Click here to go to the interactive configurator Linearmech.

Step 1: Create your account
The creation account is needed only at the first access . Click on "Create User" in the menu bar at the top right and fill out the required fields (*).
After registration you will receive an activation e-mail. Click on the link and in this way , you will confirm the e- mail address for your account . Now you can login using your username and password you selected at the time of registration .

Step 2 : Set the format for download
By defining this set of settings you can easily select the format in which preferential want to download the files.
Thanks to the drop-down menu you can choose the format you like and save the settings for all future downloads .

LINEARMECH Configuratore
Step 3: Configure your product
Double-click to select the product family of your interest.
Select the right icon ("Technical") to view the summary sheet in PDF format of the selected product.
Select the left icon (icon of the product) to the configuration and the subsequent download of 2D/3D model.
LINEARMECH Configura il tuo prodotto

Select the assembly to begin configuration. Choose step-by-step through the different options that you are offered and remember to confirm all your choice by clicking the "Apply" button.
At the end of your selection click on "Generate CAD model" at the top of your left. You can preview it by clicking on "Create preview" or can be downloaded by selecting the model you want to download in the box at the bottom right.
If you want to generate other models, you can continue with the configuration process step by changing your choices from the menu on the left. When you're done you again click on "Generate CAD model."
LINEARMECH Genera il tuo modello CAD

Step 4: Download
Now you just have to select among all CAD models generated by such downloading. A final click on "download" and you can download straight to your PC 2D/3D model of the linear actuator selected.

Remember that you can at all times contact our technical support. Write to us at info@linearmech.it.

Click here to go to the interactive configurator Linearmech.

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