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Servoactuators SA 6 PD
Parallel Design
Electric linear servoactuator fitting Linearmech brushless servomotor, parallel design.
Timing belt drive, high performances, efficiency and accuracy.
Direct fitting of the pulleys on the shafts: no angular backlash, no slipping on transmission elements, low inertia.
Fixing interface according to ISO 15552 standards.
Squared outer profile 140 mm
Push rod diameter 60 mm
Ball screw (diameter x lead) 40 x Ph mm
Axial recirculation of the balls inside the nut.
Integrated system for lubricant sealing inside the ball nut: the lubricant is only where needed.
Available upon request solutions with zero-backlash nuts or preloaded nuts, whirled ball screws with high accuracy grade (IT3 or IT5).

Discover the advantages of Servomech solutions for ball screws and nuts with axial recirculation of the balls for high accuracy and performances.

Servoactuator including Linearmech brushless servomotor model type BM102 L

Available in "Linear Servo System" complete package, consisting of: linear actuator + brushless servomotor + drive ECO Series.

Discover the advantages of the Linearmech brushless servomotors BM Series and Linearmech drive ECO Series, engineered with integrated mechatronic functions specific for linear performances in the  Automation Industry.

Compact and robust design, lightweight technology to reach great resistance and high performances with low inertia of the components.

Construction technology:

High Dynamic Efficiency TechnologyHigh Dynamic Efficiency Technology

Stiffness for Motion TechnologyStiffness for Motion Technology

Accuracy and Repeatability Management SystemAccuracy and Repeatability Management System

Extended Service Life TechnologyExtended Service Life Technology

Discover the advantages of Linearmech construction technology.

Accessories and options
- Electric limit switches
- Wide choice of mounting attachments according to ISO 15552 standards

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